Words For Courageous Living

Mind you not all sermons are preached. Some are observed or experienced. Let me illustrate.

Many years agao, one of my grandchildren, KATYANNE KINNEY, was visiting us at our home in King City, California, USA. where we use to live. She had made arrangements with her school to be with us and appropriate homework had been assigned to her. Among it, of course, was Physical Education.

Each day she had to do an hour of P.E. To make it interesting we outlined various things to do and at the end of each day I would sign my name to her activity for her teacher. One of the "fun"? times was to run a mile without stopping. So, how long is a mile (anywhere in the world) ? In years gone by the Romans had it at 1,000 paces. But now the answer is 5,280 feet/1600 meters. How long is that in relationship to blocks, etc.? So, I drove the car and made a "track" for Katyanne to register a mile. Then, after showing it to her we "let her go" - of course we also used a stopwatch!

The "sermon" that came to me - and I wish to share - is that as she was running, I was slowly behind her. These observations: (1) I had already "gone" the course. (2) I from time to time would drive up and say, "Katyanne - you're doing GREAT, keep it up." (3) Once in a while she would look back (as if I weren't there) - wave, smile at me....keep on keeping on. (4) Toward the finish of her mile I would drive up beside her and say - "Let out all the stops, you are in the home stretch - GO FOR IT." Then I would drive ahead of her and go "home".

What came to my mind was that I (like you) are on a race course headed to our heavenly home. Along the way, (spiritually, note the 4 observations). I tell you, my friend, they encourage me personally!!!

(1) Jesus has GONE before us. He has forged the way.

(2) He is with us (via. the Holy Spirit) to encourage us. John 16:26 speaks of "when the Helper comes whom I shall send to you from the Father..."

(3) "Are you there?" Jesus? (Matt. 28:20) "Surely I am WITH YOU even to the end (of the race)."

(4) Go for it. We all are nearing the end (of time) so make the best of every day and fulfill the will of the Lord for ourself."

My prayer for you!

Lord, I just want to "thank you" that you are with this one right now. Please encourage them by your Holy Spirit to go for the finishing crown, in the name of Jesus.


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