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Every now and then - and it is literally every now and then (like rarely) - we get the color slides out and go through a year or two. It is interesting, as you can imagine, and also makes us realize that time does not stand still for anyone - not even us!

I was particularly impressed with a number of slides. We kept them on the screen (wall) longer than others. One of them was a picture of ME HOLDING MY THREE SONS IN THE AIR ON THE PALM OF MY HAND!!!

Now, that is an amazing feat!! Granted Kenny Neal, Darrin Neal and Bryan Neal at that time were 15, 12, and 10. But to hold them on the palm of my hand while kneeling in the sand on the beach? Well, that is what the picture shows! Now for the explanation of the "trick photography" Yes, I was kneeling in the sand with my hand stretched out - palm up. The guys were, like 30 feet behind me and they had all their feet together but were holding on to each other as their upper bodies formed a "v"

Yes, I have my three boys IN my hand...sorta reminds me of the song regarding God, "He's got the whole world in HIS hand." Now, with that image in our mind, I am very quick to state there is NO TRICK photography in that. It is the real thing.

But what makes it so important and great for me is that MY name (individually) is in His hand. The word puts it like this, Isaiah 49:16


Is that great, or what? God, my friend, has engraved YOUR name on the palm of His hand. WHY? So He will remember you and not forget YOU..(personally).

I once got gas at a gas station and the attendant with a ball-point pen, wrote ON THE PALM OF HIS HAND, the gallons and the price. Why? So when we entered the office he knew what to record and charge me. He did not want to forget.

My friend, believe me, (or at least the Word) God has not forgotten you. You may wonder at times because of problems, etc., but the fact remains He is aware of you and yours. So, trust Him during these times. Will you??

Let's pray!

Thank you, Lord, for your being mindful of this one. They are not like a ship lauched out to sea with the designer looking on and then walking away. No, you are with them to comfort and cheer. That is my prayer, in the name of Jesus.


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