Words For Courageous Living

My daughter, Robyn was with her husband, Mike, and children, Kim, Kari, Katyanne, Kelli and Breezie in a park. They were having a good time but all of sudden there were a number of uninvited "guests" These "guests" had wings - but were not angels (believe me)- they were bees. There were only 2 or 3, but they were after a good time in the form of something sweet.

In a strange sense we are like bees. By that I mean that we, too, are after a good time - or something that is sweet. It is so important to make sure that what we are seeking in life or in a particular situation is REALLY sweet and not just an imitation...or even dangerous. What might look good, or what might be really wanted, might not be to our advantage. Let me illustrate with this story by a Mr. Cuyler. Let me preface it with this remark. There IS the deceitfulness of sin.

"There is a tree called the Judas Tree. The blossoms appear before the leaves and they are of brilliant crimson. The flaming beauty of the flowers attracts innumerable insects; and the wandering bee is drawn to it to gather honey. BUT every bee that alights upon the blossoms imbibes a fatal opiate, and drops dead from among the crimson flowers to the earth."

"Beneath this enticing tree, the earth is strewed with the victims of its fatal fascinations That fatal plant that attracts only to destroy is a vivid emblem of the deceitfulness and deadliness of sin. For the poison of sin's bewitching flowers, there is but one remedy: it is found in the 'leaves of the tree of life' that groweth on Mount Calvary."

Prov. 20:17, "The bread of deceit is sweet to man." One must be so careful not to be deceived by things, people OR CIRCUMSTANCES.

Let's Pray

Lord, open our eyes that we may see... Open our eyes to the truth. It is the truth that will set us free for life.


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