Words For Courageous Living

I know that it is a common thing to play the "comparison game", expecially when it comes to SELF WORTH. You know, you look at so and so and say, "Wow. I wish I was like them in.... (you insert the area)...or.... But, I am just poor old, little me."

In the early days of my life I played the game all the time and in doing so was many times made sad and miserable because I did not measure UP to a friend in High School.

It seems that this problem is magnified when one is going through difficult days. Interesting thing is that when we start to compare we can "live the other side of the pendulum" and get haughty. We see some one as less mature, or better or competent than we and we get the "big head". It is like it becomes a great comfort to us because they make us "look better", at least in our own eyes. We say, "Well, at least I am not like so and so." Now the problem with this side of the game is we are using the wrong type measuring guage.

Take the litle boy who came running into his mother. "Mom, Mom, guess what? I'm seven feet, two inches tall." Of course, the mother smiling says, "Oh, really. How did you come by that?" Come to find out he was using a six-inch ruler - thinking it was a foot ruler.

Before we think - he was using the wrong measuring stick, let's look at recent personal experienes. Could it be that through a time of "self pity" (or at least close to it) we have grabed the wrong measuring stick. I speak particular to self worth. God has made it clear (Psam 139:14)

"I will praise you, for I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY made."

You are special, my friend - God has made you as you are in order to use you as He planned. How about that??

Let's Pray

Bless this one, Lord, to believe in you as you believe in them. Just as they are - they come to you. No one is like them - - praise the Lord. They are unique, and your value placed on them is most unlike the value the world places on them. Grace them, in the name of Jesus.


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