Words For Courageous Living

The other day my wife, Nancy, and I were sitting in the family room discussing various situations. There are MANY, MANY things in our life that could be so much better! For a moment we were "feeding" each other our misery, lack and general despondancy.

This went on for awhile and then a wonderful thing happened? Did all our troubles vanish? No. What did happen was we began laughing. When I say laughing I mean DEEP LAUGHING. In fact, we could not even stop! It got worse - that is the laughing - and then we found ourself laughing at each other. And we then found ourselves feeling good. We were experiencing Proverbs 17:22


I want to share with you an article which does not have an author to give credit to. It has to do with this title GLUM, GRUMPY and GROUCHY. (I wish to place this beside your particular situation.) Emmett Kelly, Jr. was called the "Crown prince of patomine". He never smiles, but he elicits laughter without saying a word. His sad face, big red nose and huge shoes are enough to create smiles.

It is an open secret that behind his unsmiling mask, Kelly laughs harder than the people laughing at his antics. Said he, "Laughter is one of God's greatest gifts to the world. IT IS REALLY THE ANSWER TO MOST OF OUR PROBLEMS. There is never enough laughter. Maybe God is using me to help start smiles around the world...We are free to smile. Our maker makes room for laughter!"

Well, it is true that there is too much gloom and defeatism among the children of God - even you and me. Glum, grumpy, grouchy people are repellent. We do need more joy, radiant Christians. People who can "Rejoice in the Lord always; and again, I say rejoice." We say, "Problems, we laugh in your face."

My prayer for you, my friend

I ask, Lord, that this one keep their eyes on YOU and not their problems or difficulties. May your peace and your love surround them with a smiling presence, in the name of Jesus.


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