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Earlier this year I wrote about the good that is in the bad. I made reference to the automobile accident I had in the late l959s. The good that came from it was that being laid up for several months kept me from graduating when I should.

So why was it so "great"? Because by having to remain at the graduate school allowed me to meet NANCY JANE DuBOIS from St. Louis, Mo. USA. She had entered the school to work on a Master of Religious Education degree. What she got was a MRS. instead (ha.)

Point - - had I not had the accident I would have been off and running before she came to New Orleans, Louisiana. And speaking of "off and running" I am physically not in a position to do so. Why? Because a few days ago (according to this writing) I BROKE MY FOOT!!!!

So the scripture that proved true in l959 and will also be true for this accident is Romans 8:28:

"We KNOW that all things work together for good..."

I trust that you can relate to a present situation that you are in that is less than happy! Since I know the truth of the scripture (past) I AM LOOKING FORWARD to the blessings that WILL come from this accident.

Oh, how did it happen?? Well I was standing on a stool cleaning off a top shelf in the garage. I forgot that I was on the stool and stepped over thinking I was on the concrete floor. Obviously I wasn't and I crashed to the concrete.

A friend of mine in England wrote saying that I was "stepping where angels fear to web!" I thought that was a good one, but he topped it by later writing with this question: "Have your feet remained shod with the spirit of peace these last days.?"

Yes - and I wish to impart some peace to you in your situation. Remember ALL bad things are NOT bad things. You can count on it!!!

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this on-line reader be reminded of your promise. If they, in fact, are going through a "broken" time, I ask that their spirit be renewed to "wait and see" the glory.


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