Words For Courageous Living

If one opens my Bible to Ephesians 5:20, they will find a big blue dot! What would they read?


I have known a number of people, one in particular, who does just the opposite in their situation. He is living in a bad atmosphere. This guy needs to move, like I have read in this article.

"They are living in a bad atmosphere, poor houses and gloomy surroundings on Grumbling Street. But we know a good street where, strange to say, there are plenty of houses to let. The air is pure and invigorating, the water is sweet and wholesome, the houses are good, and the streets toward the sun, so that its genial rays are felt all day long. The street is Thanksgiving Avenue, a boulevard extension of Faith Street. Move out, my friend, from Grumbling Street and take one of those pleasant unoccupied houses on Thanksgiving Avenue."

So the obvious question is - Do you need a moving van? I think of this illustration often when things are not going the way "I" would want them to go. I also think of the above scripture. Let me hasten to say that we are not thanking God FOR the situation but giving thanks IN the situation!


Lord, grace this one to rejoice IN you in this difficult situation.


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