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When we moved into our home in King City, California, USA, there was a ladder in our garage that gave access to the attic. To use this ladder required us to pull it down by a small rope. When it was down it stood at an angle toward the opening and was always in our way. In frustration I pulled the ladder down, cut off some of its length and nailed it flat against the wall beneath the opening. While it got out of our way, it made it difficult climbing the ladder. The good thing is that the ladder is always available. Everytime I walk through there I am made aware that it is there even though I do not need it. The point is THE LADDER IS THERE!

This was the case in a slate quarry on an island north of Scotland. I am told that one evening a terrible storm developed and the workmen fled in haste, leaving the ladder there.

The story continues by a ship being driven close to the island by the storm. The crew knew that if they were wrecked on that island they would all be lost. As water filled the cabins, the sailors climbed the rigging and were at the mercy of the violent storm. I can imagine the joy that the sailors experienced, as the ship was being dashed against the cliff, when they saw the ladder that had been left by the workmen.

To them it seemed like the ladder had been placed there on purpose. As they climbed the ladder, the ship went down.

Amid our storms God has placed Jesus as a ladder. That ladder, my friend, is always there. In Psalm 46:1


Whether it is getting UP to heaven or getting UP out of a difficult situation, the ladder of hope is within your reach.


Lord, just as I prepared a ladder for my use, you have prepared a personal ladder for this one as well. Give this one the courage to reach out to you in this stormy situation.


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