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Not far from where I live there is a small river called the PAJARO RIVER. There is a particular area where one of the small creeks run into that river. There are a lot of really great spots to swim, but nobody swims in them. In fact, parents do not have to tell their children "Don't swim there". - kids would not even entice another to swim there. Why??

The answer comes from the name of the creek: SALSIPUEDES. That is a Spanish word for "Get out if you can." There are quick sands in the creek. I am told that the legend has it this way. A man attempted to cross and was caught in the sinking sands and someone passing by called out, "Sal si puedes," and that is how the creek got its name.

Well, there is nothing worst (I think, maybe not) than being suck down by a power that one can't see. Perhaps you have seen in movies or TV someone being drawn down steadily...to suffocation and death. (Is there a difference? ha.)

However, I have often found myself in the "quick sand" of an experience and it is important for me to SALSIPUEDES, that is, "get out if you can". Of course, with Jesus I CAN.

Some of the things that I have noticed pulls some down (and has even spiritually suffocated them) has been prolonged anger; bitterness. I am even now thinking of an individual who has been suffocated by bitterness - they are so comfortable with it that they see no need to "Get out if you can". Then there are other things of a negative nature - you can probably think of some yourself. These are THINGS that HOLD you down. They actually suck the life out of you.

I thank the Lord that He is ever present with his mighty arm to reach down and save us ONLY WHEN WE cry out...much like David in Psalm 69:14


While sin forces us down, the redemption of Jesus raises us up!!!

My prayer for you, my friend

Thank you Lord that you are just a prayer away. May this one now and always when in sinking situations reach out for you. May they NOT be pulled down by the "little sins that does so easily beset us" in the name of Jesus.


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