Words For Courageous Living

I have known some individuals whose affliction have left them bed-ridden. In fact, I am thinking now of an individual in another state. Maybe you know of someone like that - their illness or whatever have left them if not bed-ridden, at least at a great disadvantage.

Some that I have known (maybe you, also) have been great examples of faith. I have visited such individuals either in hospitals, at their home or at rest homes. One thing I have found...they have decided to live in one of two camps.


They chose their "tent". Another phrase I have used before is that the affliction made them either "better" or "bitter".

I think of that college student whose body was attacked by mulltiple sclerosos. He was a real inspiration to the campus. He would make his way across the grounds on crutches and despite his problem he always had a "good spirit" about him.

When asked one day about the limitations and the handicap which was painful, here was the reported conversation. "Oh, it is not that bad...you see the disease has NOT TOUCHED MY HEART."

Now, that is a statement, huh? He was certainly a wise, wise man. He obviously knew that there was a difference between an affected body and an affected heart!!

If you, my friend, are afflicted in some physical way remember that the best medicine is recorded in Proverbs 17:22,


Now this, on the surface, might sound not only strange but rather carastic, but hear my heart in the matter. If you know the Lord, you have a constant source of strength amid heartache, pain, discomfort and frustration. You also have a sympathizing friend who will stick closer to you than a brother. HE KNOWS all about your condition and His heart is also touched.


I ask, in the name of Jesus, that the attitude of this one be the attitude what was in Christ Jesus. Further, Lord, really bless this one, RIGHT NOW. May their know of your presence and power.


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