Words For Courageous Living

So this guy says to me, "I'm so mad at the circumstances. Look what's happening..." HE WAS BLAMING THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

I like what I once read, "You can no more blame the circumstances for your character than you can blame the mirror for your looks."

Another good quote, "A Christian should not permit circumstnaces to affect his relationship to God, but rather he should allow his relationship with God TO AFFECT HIS CIRCUMSTANCES."

It is true - many do blame their condition on their circumstances. Here are some words for courageous living, Paul said (Phil. 4:11)


While we can't alter all our circumstances, there are many that we can change. It is like, change what we can by the help of God and/or live Paul's above words. I suppose the idea is not to sit back, but to activate our WILL in a given circumstance. What is your circumstance right now? Less than desirable? Again, the words for courageous living are the words above by Paul.

I laughed at this observation one made. "Circumstances are like feather beds; very comfortable to be on top of, but smothering if they get on top of you."

Let me proclaim to you, my friend, that as a believer, you are already greater than your circumstances because the GREATER ONE (Jesus) lives in you. Is that good or is that good!!!!!!!!


Thank you, Father, that you, by the Holy Ghost, will help this one be on top. May your spirit, indeed, aid them to rise above any circumstance in the name of Jesus.


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