Words For Courageous Living

So this guy in my office says, "How can I be steady" when all these things are happening. "It is like walking on a tight rope and I am loosing my balance. A fall is sure!!"

Well, what he shared certainly represented a lot of hits to his life. I can imagine one trying to keep steady when there are a multitude of forces coming against them. In the case of this man - his wife was sick; there were bills that could not be paid; he, himself, was "under the weather"; things at work could be better; there was a mix-up in certain phone calls; the car was acting up and...well, let me stop. You get the picture.

These items, representing great pressures, pulls and I'll call them hits, were affecting his steadfastness. So, I shared this story. It has to do with little boats in the water. The little ones totter about on the surface and can easily be overturned by wind or wave. On the other hand, take a great ship - it sinks deeply and more deeply in the water and STEADY it goes. What is the cause of the steadfastness? The answer comes in the depth.

So like a tight rope walker being "pushed off" the wire and having to fall, the Christian can (if chooses and wills to do so) be steadfast and walking on the Lord and the principles of the Lord instead of the wire and the air around it. When we walk IN the Lord - is that steadfastness or what?? So, under all the presures of events, all the pressures of error and unbelief one can be immovable, abounding in the work of the Lord.

Things that were happening to that man were "passing" (though many not immediately) and it is important for him, you and me to live Eph. 4:14

"...not tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine...cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive."

My friend, adversities are deceptive. Living in the truth, we will know that.

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, I ask that this one take hold of the truth and balance their life with it - much like a tight rope walker uses a long balance beam. May they not listen to the lies of the enemy, but the truth in the Word of God. I ask that you bless them and cause them to be steadfast IN you and in YOUR way for them, in the name of Jesus.


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