Words For Courageous Living

HI!!! Did you ever stop to think that in the physical THERE IS NO EMPTY SPACE! Let me repeate. There is no empty space in anything around you!!!

You see, everything is filled with something. (Even the room you are in now is filled with air - even the chair upon which you sit (or the floor you might be standing on) is "filled" with matter.

SO IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, with you, for example, NO empty space in your soul. In the spiritual, no empty space. If you have fear, worries and they DEPART from your life, it stands to reason that the things of the spirit will rush in to take the space! It seems such a wonderful "cycle" of our life that we do belong to God, through faith in Jesus, the Christ. In fact Jesus said, (Matt. 28:20)


He says (personally to you, my friend) "Don't be afraid. Fear not!" Fear takes up space. Worry takes up space. Fretting takes up space. Anxiety takes up space. You see He comes as would a rescuer to a drowning man.

However, one thing I have learned. It might be part of the method of our Lord to wait for awhile. Like, for instance, to the disciples on the lake when the storm hit. It was not at the first gust of wind He came. It was not the first angry wave that appeared, that Jesus "came to the rescue". He could have, but perhaps a lesson would have been unlearned - that being of the tender nearness of refuge and safety of the Lord.

I like the thought that one had regarding that storm experience of the disciples. He said the disciples probably thought that in sleep Jesus had forgotten them. But remember how mistaken they were. We can gain confidence and strength from that.

Let's pray!

Lord, my prayer is so simple - just, please, bless this one. May most of their "space" be taken up with the postive things of God, in the name of Jesus.


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