Words For Courageous Living

I once read, "Fear knocked at the door...Faith answered! No one was there!"

I am told that there are 12,383 miles of coast line on the United States of America. Further, about 20 people drown EACH summer day.

A good many who drown in the waves might be fairly if not adequate swimmers. But what happens?? I am told that one reason for accidents is that an individual might not understand a very basic law about the ocean. Panic, fear and resistance to the undertow, runouts and riptides often lead to fatigue and death.

On a recent TV program the commentator was explaining about riptides. I instantly recalled earlier days of my "swimming career" in the ocean. Once while trying to learn to use a surf board I became really scared. As I sat straddling the board, I felt the current taking me out. While that was not the case, I still got scared and "called it a day".

Well, the proper course of action I am told by my son Bryan (who really loves to surf - in fact recently his new board broke in two!) is to RELAX "Keep your head, dad" "Don't panic by wearing yourself out - resisting - the flow." The answer from him and from the commentator was to MOVE PARALLEL to the shore...OR (this is scarry) let the water carry you out until the suction quits. Then, the natural action of the waves will actually help you get to the shore safely.

So, I try to relate this to experiences and difficulties and circumstances I might find myself. First, I call to mind Psalm 50:15


I know that this is a way one can get a calm IN a difficult situation. As a result of prayer - they (we, I) have found it to be a life preserver.

David also records in regard to God, "I will be with him in trouble."

Let's Pray

If this on-line reader happens to be in an under-tow right now, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that you overshadow them with a calmness like they have never experienced.


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