Words For Courageous Living

There are many, many times when I really, really, need knowledge - or to put it another way - I need to know what to do in a given situation!!I think I found the answer (or attitude) in the following story.

A devoted follower of Socrates asked him the best way to acquire knowledge. Socrates responded by leading him to a river and plunging him beneath the surface of the water. The man, naturally, struggled to free himself, but Socrates kept his head submerged.

Finally, after much effort, the man was able to break loose and come up from the water.

Socrates then asked, "When you thought you were drowning what one thing did you want most of all?" The man, who was still grasping for breath said, "I wanted air!!" The comment then was, "When you want knowledge as much as you wanted air, then you will get it."

I might add, the same is true with our desires for righteousness. But back to knowledge! The need for knowledge or direction is required is so many areas of our life. Some would just sit down and ignore the responsibility of a decision. Another might rush into a decision. But there are others, however, who will cry out for knowleldge.

Then there is "wisdom". I classify the 2 words like this: Wisdom is the applying of knowledge.

Intereting scripture in Proverbs 1:7,

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge."

Proverbs 2:2, "Turn your ear to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding. My point is we have to aggressively apply our heart - seeking the Lord - like the wanting of air to breath. I thank the Lord that He does honor our sincere, longing desire.

So after striving for knowledge (to apply to a given situation) we strive for wisdom to follow through in that situation we are in.

And, trusting our heart we so move - even if it is against the wishes or counsel of another friend.

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask that this dear one strive so hard for your guidance. Thank you that you are there in that situation and that there is a "perfect" solution, in the name of Jesus.


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