Words For Courageous Living

I have learned (and no doubt you, too) that delays in answers to my prayers have not always been denials!! You know we pray about a situation, we pray regarding a person, we pray for something personal to transpire...and...dead in. Or we have the idea that the "ceiling of our prayer" is made of iron. BUT (and I remind myself often) I say to you, my friend, that DELAYED ANSWERS ARE NOT DENIALS. We do need the lesson of patience in waiting on God. You know, God is NEVER in a hurry. Wow, that separates me even further, huh? - I always seem to be in a hurry! God is never in haste.

There has been perserved in Bedford, England (please correct me, if necessary, if you are reading from England) the door of the gaol which was locked upon John Bunyan. In the states we call the place of confinement a jail, but I understand in Great Britain the gaol term is still used, especially in official use.

So here we have that door behind which was a man who for 12 years prayed and pleaded. No doubt there were thousands of prayers offered behind that door hoping that the gaol door might swing open. BUT for, like I said, 12 years, the lock remained. BUT THE DELAY WAS FRUITFUL.

What was happening behind that door were dreams and ideas going on. These dreams and ideas were what the world needed....PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. You see Bunyan's Lord had never forgotten him while the years went slowly by. The time came when the door was opened. So, my friend, give God some time. Trust Him, trust His wisdom, trust His delays! For you see, quick answers might be the worst answer.

I trust you can identify with this in your personal situation right now. May the words echo in your ears...DELAYS ARE NOT DENIALS. Further may the words of Psalm 27:14 also echo in your ears and heart:

"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say on the Lord."

Yes, Lord, let none - (who read this around the world) who wait on you be ashamed."

My prayer for you!

Lord, the prayer is very simple. Bless this one while "in confinement" with the truth they know, in the name of Jesus.


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