Words For Courageous Living

"What do you see in that trial?" was the question I asked that guy! It is the same question I would ask the lady who wrote from another state sharing a most horrible experience she was going through. It is the same question I pose to that individual across the Atlantic ocean who wrote regarding a family matter or the one writing regarding terrible persecution in their country.

The question again, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN it?? My next statement while TRUE is one of the more difficult statements to absorb - certainly believe. It is: Part of the great and rich heritage that God has planned for us is suffering. He will permit in the life of each of his children a portion (a right portion in His eyes and understanding) of difficulty, trials and temptations.

What we SEE in those trials and temptations will largely determine the riches that will be ours.

It would be so great one Christian wrote to a friend, "To be able to go out in the days so yielded that every fresh circumstance or trial would prove to have the SWEET FACE OF JESUS concealed in it, or bursting like a flood of glory through some rift in the cloud and filling with radiance our uplifted faces; so that each new obedience should be but the parting of the curtain, ushering us into new wonders and experiences of His inexhaustible riches and fulllness."

The worst that can come to you, the worst that Satan can do against you only furnishes a great and new opportunity for God. Yes, to David's words: (Ps. 27:8)

"Your face, Lord, I will seek."

Let's pray!

Lord God, my prayer for this special one is simply, "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His FACE to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His FACE toward you and give you peace."


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