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The dirtier I get (speaking physically) the more I need to apply soap and water and wash.

The dirtier I get (speaking spiritualy) the more I need to wash.

The unique thing is that I get "dirty" by my reaction to a situation that I find myself in. If I am "reacting" instead of "responding" then that throws "dirt" on my soul. Bear in mind that the soul, as I understand it to be, is our mind, will and emotions. David says, "He restores my soul."

So, as my body gets dirty like the last time I worked in a field, chopping weeds and having the sweat, dust and heat all over my body, I looked forward to a bath, so we need to look forward to a cleansing of our self via the BLOOD OF JESUS.

Let me give you 2 MYTHS about bathing and let me give you two FACTS about bathing your soul.

Myth 1 Bath oils help moisturize your skin. I always believed that (lie) until I read that the ancient Egyptians who lavished fragrant oils in their baths fell for this one. (In fact, I think they started it!) How so?? Bath oils float on the water's surface, they actually do little more than scent the air. At worst, they can "waterproof" you as you step into the water, PREVENTING your skin FROM absorbing moisture. If you want to apply oils do so after you dry off.

Myth 2. Nothing perks you up like a long, hot bath. Hot water speeds your hearbeat and dilaltes the blood vessels of the skin - which causes the glowing, tingling feeling. (Ben Franklin came back from France to the USA with a shoe-shaped bathtub with a fireplace in the "heel" that kept the water hot.) BUT, long soaks dry out your skin - which is why a shower is healthier!!

Now, for some soul facts. Fact 1. When you are reacting to a situation that you are in - and are having a really bad attitude toward it with your negative thoughts and speech, STOP and confess. Psa. 51:7,



As my body needs constant cleansing, so does my soul. In the last 24 hrs. much dust of the world, and dust of our minds have fallen on you. Therefore, be cleansed in the name of Jesus.

Let's Pray

Thank you Jesus, that you are just a prayer away. Speaking reverently, we can turn the faucet of the cross on us and as we read in Lev. 16:30 "will be clean from all our sins".


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