Words For Courageous Living

I read once about a man giving a lecture. In it was this advice. When trouble is brewing, KEEP STILL; when your feelings are hurt, KEEP STILL; when your feelings are hurt, KEEP STILL till you recover from your excitement.

Well, I can speak from experience, things do look different through an "unagitated eye." Are you with me??

When life throws us that curve - how important it is not to react or respond immediately. I have heard of people writing letters and after mailing them wish they had not. I have heard of others who have written letters, "sat on them" for awhile and then either rewrote or distroyed them. Why the change? - that element called TIME, or, the phrase I am using here - "keep still"

Stillness or silence is really at a premium. There is great strength in it. BUT, is often seems out of order. How so? Well, in a battle it does not seem "right" to stand still amid the fury of battle. Plunging into it would be a lot easier, huh? However, victory may not be secured that way.

I want you to have some victory in your life right now - and especially if you are going through a difficult time. My concern is that you "keep still" a little before doing that "natural" thing.

It takes not only great courage to remain silent when one is hit, but it takes an underlying belief that God is at work. Also, God does strengthen his children under such pressure. I like, Isa. 30:15,

"In quietness and trust is your strength."

So, in it all and through it all, God declares to you to be still... and know that I am God.

May I pray for you?

If this day, Lord, has been unkind to my friend, I ask that you bless them with stillness IN the turmoil. May they, in that stillness, find direction for their response, in the name of Jesus.


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