Words For Courageous Living

We children of God (by faith in Christ Jesus) know that the Lord is with us at all times. We have that promise in the Word of God. So, that is in concrete!! Now, if some of my children are with me and we are together for hours and hours and they do not even speak one word to me - I would wonder "what's wrong". In fact, I might even be upset.

I have told so many, including myself, try practicing The Presence throughout the day. I have encouraged my people to try and think of the Lord once every hour. To do this, one might need reminders. I recall that some time ago I set my alarm on my watch to go off at a particular time every afternoon. No matter where I was when I heard the alarm, I knew it was a signal for me to "get in touch" no matter where I was. I remember that once I was in an appointment and explained what was happening. There was good response on the part of the other person.

A 16th century saint wrote, "If you can once every hour throw yourself...into the abysmal mercy of God, then you will receive power to rule over death and sin." (Jacob Boehmne)

I have often likened ourself to ships, but what about an airplane? I am told that some airplane pilots radio a message to a tower every hour and receives an answer. By this way he really keeps on the beam. (However, there are also beam-radio signals) It is really important to "stay in touch", to get information and instructions.

So, we must keep in touch, my friend, with the unseen power. It would be a great idea if we would often (I am not saying every hour - but what is wrong with that?) turn to the Lord. - let go of the tension and frustration of a particular situation. Whether at home, work, or inside ourself, we need to place ourselves completely in His strong arms. Like the scripture in Psalm 50:15,


This will make a difference in our daily life and in the long haul as well. Try it - you'll like it!!


Thank you, Lord, that you are very faithful in all you do. May we be encouraged to be faithful to you in our loving communication and recognition of your presence, in the name of Jesus.


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