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I have found that many people are just too HARD on themselves. Do you know what I mean?? Not only do they come under the judgment of others (which is usually based upon false facts) but also under judgment of themselves (usually based on false ideas or reasoning). To state it another way, many listen to the lies of the Evil One, instead of the truth from the Great One.

Yes, we sin. We have a Adam nature. There are results of our breaking the commands of God, BUT, through the Blood of the Lamb, we have been redeemed!!

This is not a license to sin, but a license to look at ourself differently. You know (I am sure you have heard the statement) "God does not make trash". It is a shame that people judge us wrongly - or just judge us period. If they would just step back - look at the situation differently, or even look at it through the eyes of God I am persuaded they would hold off on voicing a judgment. I think this story strikes the issue quite well.

It seems that the builders and the decorators of a great building made the mistake of admitting visitors while the work was in progress. They heard nothing but criticism. Finally, in desperation, they had to close the doors and admit no one but workmen.

It is like last year my wife was doing a craft project. There were bits and pieces everywhere and what was put together DID NOT MAKE SENSE. I have learned to take the approach of "wait and see". I did and was totally impressed with the finished project.

However, in the case of the building because of the harsh judgment all had to be excluded. When the project was finished EVERYONE then proclaimed the beauty of the structure. You see, the previous judgments were premature.

So when we are prone to judge others (or even ourselves) lets recognize that "the beauty of the finished product" may come slowly. Do not dishonor God. One said, "Do not dishonor God by attributing ugliness to Him in any of His works in nature or humanity." Scripture states (2 Cor. 8:6)


How important YOU are, my friend.


Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus, that this one truly recognize the truth they have read. May they lift up their eyes and heads to you, the author and finisher of their faith.


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