Words For Courageous Living

Trials have a way of humbling us. That can be a blessing - though perhaps we would say "in disguise". We don't like hardships and trials, adversities or whatever you wish to call them. BUT they do a POSITIVE in our life!

Many know the story of Cinderella and how her proud sisters despised her. Also, how the Prince discovered her and found her to be the most attractive of all and makes her his bride.

I once read, "The grace of humility is the Cinderella of the graces and the Christ is the Prince who discovered and exalted her."

Before the coming of Christ humility was little thought of, especially among Pagen peoples. In fact the thinking of the day was humility was a vice. With Jesus, however, things made a turn about. While the world had the mind set of a person who was "important", etc. Jesus ideal of greatness was a "little child".

What a contrast that can be applied to you today. Yes, the word "humility" comes from the Latin "humus" meaning earth or soil. Therefore in the eyes of the people it was always used contemptuously. For a Greek or Roman to say a man was humble meant that he was cowardly and low. BUT CHRIST DISCOVERED AND EXALTED HUMILITY. He came to tell us (you) that true greatness was always lowly and to exhibit that lowliness in His own great life.

If you are taking a back seat, if you feel left out, if you are not getting the "attention" you might want, bear in mind (as you bear it with such an attitude) that you are NOT forgotten, despised or rejected by the only one that really counts - - - who? Jesus, the Christ. Praise the Lord!! David put it like this (Psalm 9:12)

"He remembers them, he forgets not the cry of the humble."


Lord, we lift up to you our cry - the cry of "help" in a difficult situation. We thank you that you listen and that you do reward the humble, according to your Word. May this on-line reader be a "copy cat" of the life of Jesus, using adverse situations tog allow them to be humble before you.


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