Words For Courageous Living

Once, when my family was vacationing at the beach, we decided to fly kits. We had brought some old ones, plus we bought a few new inexpensive ones. Each child had their own. We were anticipating a grand time with the beautiful kites flying high. The only problem was we chose a time when the wind was not blowing.

Regardless of how fast we ran, the kites would not attain the required height to engage what breeze there was. What the kids said was needed was WIND.

Wind is necessary for kite flying success. Right? I also know that "winds" are necessary for life to fly properly. How?? In this respect.

Kites, I would remind you, rise against the wind - not with the wind. So, with this in mind, I can declare to you that a certain amount of opposition or "wind contrary" is very helpful. This is true in terms of people and situations. So, as kites rise against the wind, so hardships, when viewed very casually might be termed "negative", but when studied, they are "positive". Opposition, like the wind, lets a person soar higher.

From James 1:2, the words are,

"the trying of your faith works patience."

Therefore we are to count it all joy when the winds of opposition come, for in them your kite will fly.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that amid any rough winds that might be in the life of this reader, that you impress upon their heart that they can be used to their advantage. May their faith soar as does a kite against the wind. In the name of Jesus.


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