Words For Courageous Living

I can hardy wait to tell you this story. It has to do with the suspension bridge over the Niagara. Before it was built there was a great deal of discussion over how to get the cable across. After that important meeting the following developed. (It is truly remarkable.)

With a strong wind, a kite was flown over the area. To its insignificant string was tied a small cord. That was drawn over. Then a rope was fastened to the end of the small cord, and it was pulled over. To that was tied a much larger rope....then a cable strong enough to suspend the iron cable which in turn supported the bridge. Now, trains can pass in safety.

The point is this could never have been done if it were not for the tiny kite string. Now that, for me, represents a weak faith. Yet it IS this faith which reaches to God.

It is that which is enlarged to gigantic proportions and holds one faithfully to God.

I would like the whole web world to know:



At this moment I ask, Lord, that the faith of this one who reads these lines be increased and their spiritual perspective enlarged. May little things, no matter how insignificant, be never over looked or pout down. For, in them is made a life.


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