Words For Courageous Living

I read once of a display of a famous mine at a fair. As I recall, the owner had driven a tunnel, like a mile long, through various strata in the hopes of finding gold. He spent a small fortune in the process and in a year had failed to find gold. In desperation, he gave up....sold the mine.

The new owner arrived and started extending the tunnel. Would you believe he went only 35 inches and STRUCK ORE?

Wow!!!! So, I think, of the "goal" (not gold) in my life. Is it only inches away?? The goal as in dreams and aspirations. I know that thousands of individuals have experienced failure in their life just because they did not go quite far enough.

When I read,

"Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened, ask and it shall be given you (Matt. 7:7)

I apply that to my life. Jesus is saying to you and me, "seek and keep on seeking" Don't give up!!

My prayer for you:

Our Father, if this on-line reader is on the verge of giving up or in a situation that might lead to such a decision, I ask that courage be given them. May this one receive strength to carry on.....just a little bit further. Courage to continue, in Jesus' mind.


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