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Recently I attended a Pastor's Retreat at a place called Cottontail Ranch, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Pastor Duncan Davidson (outstanding pastor of the Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship in Morro Bay, California, U.S.A.) and I teamed up to bunk together. We spent 3 days and 2 nights in this very secluded place in the mountains. A number of times we were outside at night. Because the retreat house was "hidden away" from any city or town, our ears were subject too many sounds of the night, i.e. coyotes, owls, other creatures of the night......and then there was the SIGHT of lighted "June bugs" and the SOUND of crickets. Pastor Duncan said one night, "I hear crickets, Neal."

This reminds me of two other men who were walking together. This time they were walking along a busy street in a major city. (a contrast from Cottontail). All of a sudden one said, "I hear a cricket." His friend said, "You can't hear a cricket at this busy corner. This is New York City."

But his friend insisted, "I hear a cricket." He began to look around. His friend said, "You've gone crazy." The other guy walked over to the edge of the sidewalk and put his fingers in the crack, pulled up - you know what, huh? a cricket." "I told you, I heard a cricket. I am sensitive to crickets."

So, I ask you - on line reader - how do you think he got sensitive to crickets? Let me give you a clue. When a boy, he lived in the country. He played with grasshoppers and sometimes they would hide in his room and there were many crickets in his life.

You know, the thing I want to develop in my life is to be sensitive to the voice of God. Matthew stated:

"He that has an ear, let him hear." (11:15)

You have ears on your physical body and you have an ear on the heart of your spiritual man. But we can never hear, if we are never quiet. Oh, to be still and quiet - now that is an art that is lost for many. I hope not for you, my friend. I trust you take time every day to "be still" and listen to your heart.

May we pray?

I ask, God, that this one expose themselves more to spiritual things so that they will be spiritually sensitive. With this as a curtain, as it were, admid the sound of pain, heartache, frustation and difficulties this on-line reader might be experiencing ... may they can hear your wonderful peaceful voice. "It is well with my soul." May these difficult times be seen from a different perspective, even in the midst of the situation....Bless this one expecially, in the name of Jesus.


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