Words For Courageous Living

Farmers are often in the news. I sometimes remember the story of the farmer who was frustrated over plowing a certain area of his vast field. The problem was a large rock. I mean it was big. He said that erverytime he had to swing his plow around the rock he would think to himself - "it is just too much trouble to dig up. It would take a lot of time and more strength than a man would have even with machinery.

Well, one day when he was plowing in that particular area he swung his plow too close to the rock and - well you know what happened. He hit it. "Oh, no." he said, but then he noticed THAT IT MOVED. The rock actually moved. What a surprise. He returned to the barn, got a strong rope, tied it around the rock, and in a short time he had actually pulled the rock off to the sided of the field.

After it was all over, he said to himself, "How was I to know that it was not really that deep in the ground?

Well, that my friend, leads me to type to you this statement. You might, indeed, be living around a rock (What ever that means to you.) You might have a problem that seems like a rock in depth and difficulty. Let me encourage you to face it or confront it head on rather than going around it.

David said, "It is God that gives me strength." Psalm 18:32

May I pray for you?

I ask God, in the name of Jesus, that this on-line reader be given the strength to move their rock (whatever that may mean to them) and that your strength be theirs. May they be encouraged to confront it and would you give them direction in the moving of it. May they realize that nothing is as bad (or deep) as it seems.


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