Words For Courageous Living

In some devotional book I used a number of years ago, I made a copy of what I am to share at this time.

Dale Oldham told of an experience he had when a boy. He was riding on a horse drawn wagon with his grandfather. As they were going to a nearby town they noticed that the river had spilled over its banks. Fording it would be a dangerous job. He said, "This day, when we entered the swirling chocolate waters, swollen even more by a heavy rain, I crowded close to Grandpa.

He urged the horses on, slapping the reins as the water rose around their middles, over their backs and up their necks, until only the the animal's straining heads cleared the stream."

"The water rose inside the wagon too. I had to raise my feet upon the dashboard to keep them from getting wet. I was growing more and more scared - maybe the current would carry us downstream, dash us against some rocks, upset us, drown us."

"Just as my anxiety reached the breaking point, I felt Grandpa's right arm grip my shoulders and pull me closer to him. All my fears and apprehension vanished in that instant. That was half a century ago, but I've never forgotten the strength and reassurance I felt when Grandpa put his arm around me and quieted my pounding heart."

Well, there have been times when I have asked the Heavenly Father to do this to me. I have been in situations where I needed my heart to be quieted. True, not literal swirling waters, but swirling circumstances.

My friend, if you will let God wrap His arms around you - you can be free from anxiety. As the Psalmist says,

"But I trust in you O Lord..." (Psalm 31:14)

My prayer for you:

Lord, I ask that you bless this one with a Divine Touch. Let this one know that you will help them across a present swollen river in their life. I ask for your protection, in the name of Jesus.


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