Words For Courageous Living

Do you agree that we are made of clay?? Yep? Tis true. It was from the ground that the God made us - that's you and me!! Now we all come in an assortment of colors, sizes and shapes.

The sad thing is that often times people judge us by our shape, size or color. Right? God know what is IN you, my friend. This fact should help us feel better about ourself. The point was most vividly brought out by the story I once heard.

It seems that a Benvenuto Cellini (Italian sculptor) received a huge block of marble. Upon examining it he discovered a small flaw. Because of the small crack, no artist would submit a design for it.

But the story does not end there - it continues like this. In the public square of Florence a fence was built around the slab of marble - and also a small "shack" for the artist. Days went by, months, even up to two years went by with the sculptor working. THEN at the appointed time the fence was taken down as well as the shack. THEN all in the city of Florence beheld the result and just couldn't believe their eyes!!!! There was Michelangelo's DAVID. Wow!!

The bottom line was Michelangelo SAW in that block of marble a stature which the others did not. see. So, in our lump of clay (which you see every day in the mirror) remember God sees something. To begin with, you have been created in the "image of God" and second God sees in you something very beautiful and most important. The problem is when we get so overtaken by burdens and the cares of life WE fail to realize that and we start believing a lie! Eccl. 3:11


What God says is great and important, let no man say otherwise. You, my friend, are a VERY IMPORTANT person. To me, to others, to God and most of all to yourself!! We see it IN you.

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, thank you for reminding us that we are fearfully and wonderful made. Thank you that you see in us something that is most useful to you and to others. May this one come to that realization as well, in the name of Jesus.


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