Words For Courageous Living

Some wonder if any "good" can some out of such horrible experiences of life. Life seems to "throw a curve" at them - there is heartache, pain, loss, destruction, misery, setback - - etc.

While the answer is "yes" (most would acknowledge this) the reality of it is hard to come by. But, my friend, (as I tell myself often) may I suggest to you that this is TRUTH.

May I illustrate it this way? Remember Vesuvius? The soil of the vineyards on the slopes of Vesuvius is disintegrated lava. That's right! Lava. The richest grapes, from which a precious wine is made, grow on the PRODUCT OF ERUPTIONS. Eruptions which actually tore the mountain apart - and made the sky black.

So, it is, my friend, that the "costiest" character has been grown in a heart that has suffered looses - a heart that has been "torn" by troubles.

If many of your dreams have gone up in smoke; if many of your desires have been burned away, then the word in Isaiah 61:3 is for you.

"He gives beauty for ashes."

The verse goes on to say that He bestows beauty instead of ashes that he gives the oil of gladness instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. Can you faith that?


Lord, I ask that this one be encouraged through a possible situation - like the eruption of a volcano. May they grow "grapes" in a "hard time soil" in the name of Jesus.


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