Words For Courageous Living

My Heavenly Father's care for you is GREAT. (Believe it or not!!!) If an earthly father's care is great, how much so the Heavenly Father's. Example. I am with some ministers in a meeting at my home - really "in" a conversation and then all of a sudden I hear one of my grandchildren crying. I STOP immediately and LEAVE the room. Why not?

The same was illustrated (supposedly true) regarding a king. It seems he was sitting with his council deliberating on high affairs of state involving the destiny of nations, when suddenly he hears the sorrowful cry of his little child, who has fallen down or been frightened by a wasp. He rises and runs to his relief, holding him tight and relieving his fears.

Is there anything "unkingly" here? Is it not most natural? I think that it even elevates the monarch in esteem.

Why then, my friend, would we think it dishonorable to the King of all the kings, our Heavenly Father, to consider the small matters of his children - like you, for instance! The scripture? (Psalm 103:13)

"Like as a father pietieth his children, so the Lord pitieth him that fear him."

The bottom line is the fatherly care of you. Repeate. The Heavenly Father does care about you - in His eyes, you are a very special person. Never forget that!!

My prayer for you!

Lord, we often think we are of no account - no one knows about us in our particular situation - no one cares, etc. Yet, down deep in the hearts of hearts let this on-line reader know of your loving concern. Things might not be going as they would want, but that does not mean that you are not WITH them IN a particular situation. Bless them, in the name of Jesus.


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