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I recently drove to my office. My, the clouds are dark. There was a little ray of sun shooting through or around some, but mostly the sky was a mass of white/grey/black clouds.

I thought to myself - what a dreary day, in fact I am actually getting chilly.

The clouds I saw were REAL they were not imaginary. They are what they appear to be. I actually paused for a moment and "examined" them - they are awesome.

This fellow wrote - I saw a picture some time ago which represented a rising storm. Seen at some little distance it appeared as though dark, black, threatening cloud battalions were covering the entire sky and blotting out all the patches of light and hope.

But when I went a little nearer to the picture I found that the artist had fashioned his clouds out of angel faces, and all these black battalions wore a winsome aspect of friends. I have had that experience more than once away from the realm of picture and fiction, in the hard ways of practical life.

The clouds I feared and worried about, and concerning which I wasted so much precious strength, lost their frown and revealed themselves as my friends. Other clouds never arrived - they were purely imaginary, or they melted away before they reached me. Well, how about Isaiah 19:l

"The Lord rides on the clouds."

He is there IN my dark cloud experience. I don't know about you but that elevates my faith and perspective.

My prayer for you

I ask, Lord, that you be seen, felt and heard in the cloudy experiences of this dear friend who has visited this page. In the name of Jesus.


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