Words For Courageous Living

I have been thinking about the burdens that have been shared with me via e-mail from all over the world. People have burdens. Let's face it, you do, too. (If you are honest with me.) Yes, burdens vary, some are most intense, others bearable.

Paul put it this way, "For we who are in this tent groan, being burdened..." Some we are expected to bear, some we are expected to share, and some we are expected to remove. I love the words in Psalm 55:22,

"Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He shall sustain you..."

I think of the burdens that one has at "work". I think of the burdens one has of "duty". I think of the burdens of "invidividual responsibility". Then there are the burdens of "ourself" and the burdens of our "iniquities". You may right now, my friend, be carrying a tremendous burden. Right?

In the above quoted verse (Psalm 55:22) I would like you to note that man is commanded to do one thing. Then God will do two things, one being He will sustain you. Pretty neat, huh? Never is there a promise without a condition. I think that Christians are in the habit of magnifying the promises of the Word of God and just ignoring the terms of their fulfillment. I suppose that is the time that they then begin to murmur and complain. But the word is that IF we do certain things THEN He will do certain things.

Regarding burdens the call is for us to give them to the Lord. How does one do that? How does one actually give a burden to God? Well for starters get honest with Him and confess and let Him know that you ARE helpless and that you really NEED His help. We do not have to be intimidated about coming to Him, for He said, (Matt. 11:28) "Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." That is the start!

May I pray for you?

Lord, I know that life gets pretty hard at times. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this one sit still - and give the burden(s) and be very specific. Let them visualize handing it over to your nail pierced hands. Thank you for releasing this one.


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