Words For Courageous Living

Don’t we all want change?? We are living with a bitter experience - we are struggling with a particular sin - we are overburdened with a situation...yes, we all want change.

I want to tell you of two people; THE FIRST...Mr. Luther Burbank. His half century of work is worth noting. For example, he produced the Burbank potato; the high gluten wheat. From the dewberry and raspberry, he produced a new and superior berry. He changed the hard-shell walnut into a soft-shell walnut, and improved the quality of the wood. He improved several varieties of apples and other fruit. He produced new kinds of wonderful roses and other flowers. He took spines from the cactus and made it food for animals. There’s more, but I will stop at these many and major accomplishments.

THE SECOND person is the Lord Jesus, the Christ. In a similar manner, He can take the bitter, unlovely lives, the brokenness of our life, the illness of our body, the thorny experiences and the frustration of our plans and TRANSFORM them into something different. That is His task. In His hands we are made into something beautiful, something that can bear fruit and a life that is useful.

In other words Jesus takes us and what we are and makes something good. In His hands, my friend, the most unpromising - in any respect - are made into His own likeness. Praise God for that. The song says, “He made something wonderful out of my life.” The scripture says in 2 Cor. 3:18

”we are being transformed into the same image from one glory to another, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, my prayer for this dear on-line caller is the same for myself and for the one that will pull this page up next. It is, Lord, we present our life to you for a PERSONAL TOUCH. By your spirit make the necessary changes so we will look more like you. In the name of Jesus.


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