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When our oldest daughter, Robyn, was learning her ABCs and numbers she was also learning about the telephone. I recall she would pick it up and talk to an imaginary person. However, sometimes she would get the operator.

I was reminded of the mother who told the story of her daughter. It seems she came crying to her mother. When asked what was the matter the girl replied "I called Jesus and He was busy." "What?" Well, it turned out the girl had been playing with the yellow pages and found a picture of Jesus (it was with a funeral home advertisement) and called the number by the picture. I know the mother sat down with her daughter and explained that His phone (our prayer line) is never busy.

Years ago I conducted a 24 hr. Dial-a-Devotion telephone line. Once I called myself to see if everything was working and I got a busy signal. I laughed to myself, here I am trying to get "me" and "I" am busy. But, no so with God.

Another aspect of the telephone (prayer) link with God is He knows when you will contact him. (Like, maybe, right now if you are going through a difficult time).

I have picked up the phone many times in my life only to find the party on the line without my even having to dial them. You have too! It is just one of those coincidence - they dialed you and you just happened to pick up the phone before it rang. That kind of experience does remind me, as I said, God knows before we call. That in itself is a mystery. The Word in Isa. 65:24 would be appropriate.

"Before they call, I will answer them."

It may seem useless to pray knowing that, but instead, that fact really helps me. God knows, God hears, God is IN every situation of my life. He will hear by cry for help, He will hear my cry for repentance and He will hear my cry of distress.

My prayer for you

Lord, bless this one - thank you for knowing the petitions even before they are presented and thank you for knowing all about this one and LOVING THEM. May they be reminded that you are ALWAYS just a prayer away - and always with an open line. You are waiting for your children to talk to you. Bless this one if they are going through a real busy time of life, in Jesus' name.


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