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I have been hearing on TV about so many storms. They are in all descriptions - from rain storms, to thunder storms, to tornadoes, to hurricanes, to you name it.

For some they have been predicted. (That's good.) For some they just come upon an area, hardly without any warning. Do you know what I mean? I recall recently that the news commentator mentioned "it is coming" "prepare". That did give some time for residents to take shelter or to even leave the area. At another time, the news commentator said, "It just came without warning."

I have been thinking about the storms in my life. Boy, have I had some! (You have, too, huh?) I say yes and "amen" to the words in Mark 4:37:

"And there arose a great storm."

You know, my friend, when they do come suddenly there is time IN the situation, to get peace. Sometimes suddenly a great disappointment comes our way, maybe suddenly a crushing defeat is ours. BUT in it all there are two possibilities. One. GOD IS; two. I AM

Some situation may be small as we view it in the distance, but as it comes closer, it seems to cover us completely. Yet, it is in those "storms" that God works on us. You have heard it said, "If God wants a mighty oak, He plants it where the storm will affect it. The rain, wind and elements all work for good - to the oak. If God wants a man or a woman or a young person (like you, for instance) he will allow you to be put in a storm. You WILL (or should I say "could") come out beautiful.

Trust Him in your storm right now.

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask that this one take shelter IN you amid the storm that might be raging in and around them. If they can see the next one approaching, let them prepare in YOU; if it strikes without warning, may they IMMEDIATELY take shelter in YOU. Give this special reader the peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus' name.


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