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You, no doubt, have heard the statement, "Never make light of something that is small." That is so true - and true in so many different areas. In a ship yard in England many years ago, a ship was about to be launched. A great crowd gathered to see the event. It would be a neat site to see the great ship glide down the slides into the water!

The blocks were removed, the wedges were knocked away. The massive ship stood still. Yes, there was great disappointment. Then, a little boy rushed forward (really out of play, I suppose) and began to push the great ship with all his might. Naturally, everyone laughed and laughed.

The ridicule of laughter soon ceased when they, to their amazement, saw the ship move! Since the ship was ready to move it only took the few pounds pushed by the boy for the ship to go into the water.

"Despise not the day of small things." Zech 4:10

When I think of the power of small things in your life, for example, I can foresee great accomplishments. Some of the ideas that you might have, some of the dreams you might have - CAN come about according to the will of God. I encourage you not to throw away what in your eyes might be a tiny idea. Keep it, bath it in prayer, commit it to God. Above all, be patient.

To carry it a step further in a different light. Don't minimize yourself. You are an important person. You are needed. How do I know?? God says so. That settles it!

May I pray for you?

Lord, speaks to the inner most part of this reader. May they know of their importance. Further, there are some things in life that will never get done, if they neglect their role in life. Magnify, and yes, even let them see the results of "that small thing" in the name of Jesus.


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