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I started playing the trumpet when I was in the 8th grade. I played all through high school in the marching band and in the stage band. I also played several years in college In turn my children have had their experience with musical instruments. My daughter Robyn Lynn with the clairnet; Jody Lynn with the French horn; Bryan Neal with the trombone. But Kenneth Neal (on the trumpet & drums) and my son, Darrin Neal (on the sax, base sax and clarinet) had more "TIME" in their High School Band. Now some of our children have children also playing musical instrustments

My wife Nancy and I went to all the concerts. We even have video tape of some of them. The interesting thing that is NOT really visible on the tape is the foot work. Some time we were sitting where we could really see the foot tapping. Necessary? Yes, indeed! The guys were keeping time with their foot! Sometimes they had actually stopped playing and were counting time and watching intently the music on the music stand. Musically, they were "reading the rests".

Actually, by looking at the music I might think or say there was no music in the rest, but there is what one persons said, the making of music in the rest.

So, it is, my friend, in the music of our lives. You know we are playing a tune. (And does the “type” music change from moody, to happy, to layback-elevator music - to rock and roll, baby. But in all the “type situations” we are living, sometimes, for various reasons, we come to a "rest" and we might in error say, "Wow, I have come to the end of this tune." But, not so!

If you are in a rest now, please don't be discouraged. Mark the time as does a musician and let God plan the music that is to be in your life.

Perhaps David did not have music in mind, but he did write..."REST IN THE LORD" (Psa. 37:7) He continues “and wait patiently for Him; fret not...”

My prayer for you

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that if in fact this reader seems to be in a "rest" where there is no victory, no movement forward that they reflect upon the rest in music. I know you want to produce a wonderful melody through the life of this one. May they have faith in you as the composer and director as they patiently "beat the time of their rest".


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