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The other evening we had some people drop by from out of town. We had known them for a number of years, but maybe 6 or so years ago moved away to another state. After they sat down in the living room and we were chatting, all of a sudden I looked at my right arm and I exclaimed, "Wow, I'm bleeding." Apparently, I had scraped a tiny scab. When I say "tiny" I mean just that - hardly visible. But did it ever bleed?

I got up and ran cold water on it and then placed a piece of paper towel on the area. After lifting it and replacing it the bleeding stopped. But, it was only after I had done something - namely, place the small water-soaked "bandage" on the small cut. If I had just sat there, and watched it, the bleeding would have run down the side of my arm on to my clothes or the arm of the chair where I was sitting.

From that simple illustration I wish to apply this truth from God's paper - the Bible. I know that you have experienced some scrapes and cuts recently. They come about by people. Some are intentional, others are unintentional. They come in the form of words and actions. You are left wounded and in once sense of the word .."bleeding".

When David wrote what is in Psalm 147:3,


those are for you. It is like figuratively taking the paper on which that is recorded and applying it to a hurt. The bleeding WILL stop. The reason I know that is because it is the WORD OF GOD. The Word of God stands because it is His. The promise is that it will not return void.

I encourage you, my friend, to take the time to identify the bleeding hurt - and call out to God. In Exodus we read the words that "I am the Lord God, your Dr." Let Him be yours.

My prayer for you

Thank you Lord that you are aware of this one and their hurts. Grant the assurance that you will bind up their wound and give healing. Let them know you are true - and a very loving Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus.


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