Words For Courageous Living


Years ago some people chanced upon a very old olive-mill in southern Italy. They approached it, took a look at it and noticed that attached to a massive log beam was a huge stone disc, like a mill stone. The stone traveled slowly around crushing the olives.

As they watched the small stream of juice flow from the crushing they wondered where in the world is the owner or caretaker? It appeared that no one was around. But suddenly they heard a whistle and saw a man approaching. He was watching, though they were unaware of that fact. He knew just when to stop the process, but would not until the work was finished.

Maybe you are going through a "crushing experience" right now. You seem to be all alone. No one is watching and you would wonder if God even cares about your suffering.

My word to you, my friend, is the word found in Heb. 11:27

"Moses endured as seeing Him who is invisible."

Moses lived and suffered and endured as if he could visibly see God every hour of his day. So walk with the assurance that He is with you. Endure as if Christ were at your side, just as if he would caress your brow, or hold you close to his chest.

My prayer for you

Lord, you are most certainly at the place where these lines are being read. May that fact foster a renewed faith in you and what you are doing in the life of this one....even through a crushing situation. A situation that seems not to end. You are faithful and we praise you for that. In Jesus' name.


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