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I have learned to be a good listener. Sometimes I forget what someone has told me on the telephone. I say to myself, "I have JUST GOT to pay attention and really listen But, I still have trouble remembering sometimes. My point - I am trying to stay in a listening mood.

Recently I was sitting across the table from an individual and was just really pouring my heart out in a particular situation. I could tell he was not listening. Oh, he was looking AT me, but he was not HEARING me. Another time my wife, Nancy, and I were in a conversation with an individual. After awhile, I said, "Honey, (so and so) is just not listening. You might as well stop talking."

You ever experience that, my friend? Of course, there are 2 sides to this situation. One is when you are the "listener", the other is where you have one "listening" to you. It is so important to listen to people. They want your ear.

When I was with some of the grandchildren recently, I was aware that some were talking at the same time to me. I had to call time out and LISTEN to what they were saying. It made them feel important.

Now, to shift spiritual (g)ears now and relate it to God.

The Bible says (Psalm 55:1)

"Give ear to my prayer, O God..."

David knew that the ear of God was not far off, that it was inclined to him. That certainly helps me in difficult times. I can cry out to my Heavenly Father, and know with a certainty that He will FOCUS on me. He will turn his "satelite dish/ear" (in all reverence) to my frequency - spelled N.E.A.L.

My prayer for you, my friend

Lord, as the children of Israel cried out to you and "you heard them crying out because of their slave drivers and (were) concerned about their suffering.", so do you have such compassion for this on-line reader. Bless them to know of your love and care and concern right now, in the name of Jesus.


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