Words For Courageous Living

I do not like to wait, however, I have learned that as long as I live on this planet, I will have to share the experiences of living here - and that includes waiting.

Today, for example, I had to wait for my share of red traffic lights when I made a call to a nearby city. (The town I live in has only l red/green traffic light.) Then, I had an extra long time waiting for a waitress, I had to wait for a court preceeding to take place, I had to wait for a long time in a line at a check out. Presently, at the time of these writings, I have been waiting for 1 1/2 hrs. for a telephone call. I am tired waiting!

The thing that "waiting" requires, is "patience". I suppose we all wish we had more of that. Sometimes I have a lot, other times my patience is tried. Especially is this so when I am waiting for something more SERIOUS than the above items mentioned.

Let's take the SERIOUS thing you are now waiting for. You know what it is!

I have heard the phrase, "God places hedges around His people." That is great, because there is protection there, but what about when He places a hedge around you and you can't see over the top. You are, like, trapped and can't move for awhile. It is during that time that patience drops its name. My friend, God is aware of your situation.

The scripture that comes to my mind is found in Psalm 40:1.

"In waiting, I waited for the Lord."

I have found that in the SERIOUS WAITS of my life that there was strength from the Lord available. Learning to wait for the Lord is most difficult...but, again, it is the secret of strength. We say, (or think), "Why, God, are you taking so long?" We must remember that God has a purpose in His HOLD UPS.

Let's pray

Lord, I ask that this one not give up hope. That they not lose heart; that they be quiet and confident. If they are compelled to stand still give them the courage to do so...to know that you are waiting with them. In the name of Jesus.


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