Words For Courageous Living

The other day I was watering the lawn and all of a sudden I saw it! There IT was! Was it ever special and beautiful? You better believe it. Wow - and to think I was helping to make it. Have you guessed what it was? Were you ahead of me with a "rainbow". Yes in all its beauty.

Now, how did I make it? I simply turned the nozzle of the hose into the sunshine (by mistake, certainly not on purpose) and the rainbow appeared. What I actually did was to do on a small scale what the sun does on a large scale.

So, I say to myself - and to you, my on-line reader - that we can, indeed, make our own bow. How? BY TURNING DISAPPOINTMENTS into the light of God's promises. One of His great promises is in Deut. 33:25. It reads like this.

As your days, so shall your strength be."

You, no doubt, recall the story of the first rainbow in Genesis, chapter 9. Now, view the beautiful colors in that text typed above.

It takes several things to produce a rainbow. There is water (tears) and there is sun (light) and a 3rd in many situations, certainly in the sky - that being a cloud (you name your cloud_____). Another interesting fact is that from the air one sees a rainbow in a complete circle. Wow. I guess that tells me that God sees things differently than I do. Again, and I can not say it more strongly, TURN YOUR DISAPPOINTMENTS into God's light. You will make a rainbow in your life.

My prayer for you:

I ask, Lord, that this one turn a present disappointment into a rainbow - turn it toward the son of righteousness, Jesus. May they truly find the strength for this day's living, in the name of Jesus.


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