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It was not the same old stay in the zacuzzi (hot tub). Here is how it came about. The day had been long, there had been a number of stressful things on my mind. I asked my wife, Nancy, if she wanted to go into the hot tub which is on our patio. She replied that she wanted to finish some cross stitching while watching TV.

So, I got into the warm water -rested my head on the corner of the tub and became IMMEDIATELY aware that something was different than two nights before. What was it? I lifted my eyes toward the ceiling where we have one of two sky/lights. There it was. What?? THE MOON. From my position the moon was centered perfect in the middle of the window. Being in the darkness below made the brightness of the moon even more apparent. I mean IMMEDIATELY there came to be the words of David in Psalm 8:3.

"When I consider your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon,...what is man that you are mindful of him? and the son of man that you visit him?"

I knew that what I was experiencing had to be shared with you, as I am doing. You see I knew in my head that fact. But I was letting all of the little things cloud my understanding. That night as the moon did shine on me it was like God shining his word to me - personally - that "I AM aware of you." It was then in my heart.

For you, my friend, let me share that the word, "visit" means to give attention to or care for. That is God's word to you at this hour. He cares about you. He is mindful of you and your situation.

May I pray for you?

Lord, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that this dear friend truly know that you are mindful of him. Whatever may be a concern for him at this hour is known to you. You do CARE for this one. They are special. Please shine your love upon them.


____________________________ NOTICE TO READERS

On occasions, we feature an article written by a friend especially for WORDS FOR COURAGEOUS LIVING

Today is one of those days, so we invite you to continue reading

from the pen of Dr. Stephen Njiro who resides in S. Africa


Be blessed !!



Suggested Bible reading: 2 Kings 5:17-27

Scripture text: "Did I not go with you in spirit when the man turned from his chariot to meet you?" (2 Kings 5:26).


Gehazi thought no one would ever find out. Elisha had released Naaman without requiring any payment from him for the healing. Gehazi, Elisha's assistant, saw a good opportunity to gain something for himself since Naaman was literally begging to pay something. He ran, caught up with Naaman, and, using a few dishonest words obtained from Naaman clothing and hard cash. Gehazi made sure he was all alone when he hid these items in his house. Even the men from Naaman who had helped him carry the money were dismissed before they got to the house. Gehazi then quickly resumed his duties at Elisha's place as if nothing had happened. When asked where he had been, Gehazi said he hadn't gone anywhere. Elisha was not with Gehazi on the secret trip, yet he knew about every bit of it. God revealed it all to him. God sees all. Don't try to hide from Him. The tendency we observe in Gehazi is reflected in our own lives today. You may have flown so far from home that you reckoned you were in the furthermost corners of the earth. "No one knows me her," came that sneaky idea, "I can finally indulge that fantasy I have been working so hard to avoid at home." And so you crawl into a night club and, under the cover of darkness, pinch a girl's bottom, or something like that, thinking nobody will ever know. Walls have ears and what you thought was done in the most secretive circumstances is often broadcast from the rooftops. The important question is this: In whose sight do you live your life as a Christian? In God's sight or in man's? If it is God you aim to please, please remember He can see you no matter where you are.


Help me dear Lord, to live honestly before You at all times, in Jesus' Name,


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