Words For Courageous Living

Before an audience recently, I drew some black dots on the overlay. The people saw projected on the wall the series of black dots - they gave the appearance of just being placed there in random, with no order.

I then drews 5 lines through the arrangement. Then, I drew some rests, put a clef at the beginning and then all at once everyone saw that what I had drew WAS MUSICAL NOTES. (wow)

I actually sang and placed a pointer at the notes, "Praise God from all blessings flow."

The scripture that comes to my mind is found in Eph. 5:20.

"Always give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

I have found, my friend, that God can make music out of everything that comes into my life IF I will let Him. It is, further, important to know that the rest symbol is also important. I have written before that there is music in the rest. So when a difficult situation is mine, or when I have a lot going against my plans, or there is a financial difficulty, I project that black dot on the wall of my heart. I say, "Lord, I am GOING to take this situatin which is a black note and make some good music out of it with your help.


Lord, bless this one at this special time of reading. You are aware of their place, their position and their situation. Encourage them IN the "black dots" of their life. Let them have faith to see the music and not just the emblems, in the name of Jesus.


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