Words For Courageous Living

I am told that there is a shallow river somewhere in Arizone called the Rio Puerco. This river has some peculiar features. One being that its bed is almost quicksand. The second peculiar feature is that one can travel across the shallow river. But here is the amazing fact. One can only travel in safety as long as they contine to move. One has to keep on moving. The instant one stands still, the downward pull begins to be felt.

I suppose that it is possible for one to really get into "deep water" if they remain still. Well, I liken that to my life. We all have got to be on the move. In the spiritual sense, we are on the move toward that "Heavenly City". God does not intend for us to remain here on planet earth, so we look forward to that city.

In the meantime we must be on the move. If one stops in the direction they are going toward a goal, or the like, the world will suck them in and under. We don't want to be submerged. So when someone, let's say, like yourself, has a feeling of what they want to do then they must MOVE in that direction. Problem comes when we come face to face with a difficulty. We are tempted to stand still and not move forward. Let me encourage you to move toward that goal that you have earlier set.

"God said to the children of Israel, GO FORWARD." (Ex. 14:15)

That must have been strange talk to them. How could they go forward when the Red Sea was in front of them? Yet, when they obeyed, the Sea opened up before them. How about that!

You have your goal. Don't be discouraged. If a difficulty appears on your path, don't give up. GO FORWARD. Even if it is a tiny step, it is movement. With that movement you make progress, instead of sinking.

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Let's pray

Lord, bless this caller. May the sands of the world not pull them down, but rather be drawn upward by the power of the Holy Spirit. Place this one on the Rock of Ages from step to step to step. Give blessings and grace in the name of Jesus.


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