Words For Courageous Living

I love the ocean. At the sea coast town of Cayucos, California, USA, when my children were young, I would often take them swimming. There is one partricular part of the beach which has a life guard tower. During certain times of the summer the beach would really be full where the life guard tower was. Since I was with the kids, we often would swim a little down from that particular area where it was less crowded.

With all the noise, commotion, splashing and yelling, etc., I have often wondered how the life guard could be aware of any trouble. A life guard at a city pool was once asked that question and his reply was, "No matter how great the noise and confusion, there has never been a single time when I could not distinguish the cry of distress over all. I can always tell."

To give a spiritual splash to this: The same is true with our Heavenly Father. With all the noise of the world, all its distractions, at least from our earthly view, how is it possible for God to be aware of my cry? Yet, with all the noise of the world, He hears. Whether you are reading this from the city with all its confusion, or the country with its quietness, God hears your cry. Remember that! This is good news, my friend. Here is what the scripture says on this wave length.

"I called upon the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me."

Psalm 118:5 says it. God will respond. That is a promise. Where we tend to go under is wanting an IMMEDIATE ANSWER. God will hear and He will respond. On our part He asks us to wait and to wait patiently. He will come through. In the meantime, we develop the strength of faith.

May I pray for you?

Thank you Lord for being aware of this one. If they feel they are drowing in the sea of humanity, throw out the life line to them in Christ Jesus. May they hold tight to it, waiting for the rescue.


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