Words For Courageous Living

I was driving home from the office recently and noticed an individual removing a refrigerator from his pickup truck. I pulled over (since I recognized him) and offered to help. It was sorta funny because he said he wasn't getting it off, he was putting it on and had just finished!! Well, I just remarked that I wanted to be of help.

There have been other times when I have noticed my neighbor trying to move a really heavy object. My extra "hand" made it a lot easier. People have come to me and offered to help in similiar situations. I recall telling one guy that I could have done it by myself, but having your arm really made it a lot easier.

If you were faced with moving a heavy object and you were all by yourself and you knew you did not have the physical strength to accomplish the task, wouldn't you like some help?? Certainly. You would want someone to come to the other side of the heavy object and assist in the lifting. TOGETHER there would be success!

I think of times when there were situations in my life that were "heavy" and I surely could have used some help in dealing with them. And on many of those times the Lord has come and given me assistance. How?? By His Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:26):

"Likewise the Holy Spirit also helps us in our weakness."

I say, "Lord, I do have a problem. It is a heavy one. Help." Now, He does not do it for me, but he says I will help. In other words, you stand on one side of the problem and I will stand on the other side and TOGETHER we will lift it to the throne room. Isn't that great??


Lord, if this one is faced with a real heavy load, or just a heavy load, or just a plain load, I ask, in the name of Jesus, that you send the Holy Spirit to go to one side of it. May the faith of this one release the burden and may you grace them with peace and confidence.


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