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How many times did my parents read the nursery rhyme "Humpty-Dumpy" to me?? How many times did I read it to my 5 children? How many times have I read it to my 12 grandchildren?? He was a cool egg, huh? With your permission I want to type it again so I can get to the...BOTTOM...line.

Humpty-Dumpy sat on a wall,

Humpty-Dumpy had a great fall.

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

When I get home I'm going to look at a very small porcelain piece we have on a what-not-shelf in our bedroom. It is in two pieces of Humpty-Dumpty. Before and After. I want to look at it because I see in it myself (and I try to convey that) to seeing yourself, also.

That BOTTOM line is that I have fallen. I am cracked. There are experiences in both our lives that are "bad". Things we have done or have had done to us - and we are "cracked" from the perfection we should have or be.

The other good thing that is at the BOTTOM are the words in Col. 1:17

"By Him (Jesus) all things hold together." In all reverence, I call Him the "glue man". In broken dreams, or broken experiences, let the Lord mend!!

My prayer for you:

In all the falls of this dear one, I ask, Lord, that you pick them up - hold them tight and restore as only a God can do. Bless this one with the assurance that there is never a "crack/experience" that you can not fix.


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