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We live in an area in the state of California, USA where grapes are grown, like acres and acres of grapes. Years ago, when we first moved here one day out driving in the country we saw a large flat bed truck with a huge wire cage built on it. We later learned it was used to capture birds. Then it was driven far away and the birds released. When we first approached the huge cage the birds were all very quiet.

I'm reminded that when birds are caught and placed in cages, they fly wildy and beat their wings against their prison. But, after several days, they sit quietly upon their perch and sing. I like that! They sit quietly and sing!

You know, my friend, when God brings me into a difficult "cage", I want to fight my way out immediately. I have learned that if I do so, I soon wear myself out trying to get free.

I would trust that you would find that a narrow confinment will be large enough. That even though your feet are in stocks, you can sing (even as the birds).

Paul and Silas found that true. Acts 16:24,25

"...put in the inner cell and fastened their feet in the stocks. At midnight they were praying and singing."

My prayer for you

Often times, Lord, we are placed in prisons. Some are brought about by our own mistakes and others are brought about by others. For this dear one reading these lines I ask that they be given the faith to SING and accept their place for this time. Give them peace - real peace, in the name of Jesus.


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